Bill Laurance

Zeal EP


‘Laurance's music goes into overdrive with this powerhouse, symphonic collaboration.’

– Mike Flynn (Jazzwise)

‘Music that is unconfined by genre, with effortless finesse. This is the beautified sound of now.’

– Chris Phillips (JazzFM)

2021 saw the release of the Cables Rewired EP, acoustic reworking of 2 tracks from Cables together with the Manchester-based Untold Orchestra. Now comes a second EP: ZEAL. Recorded during the throws of lockdown, this unique project overcame the challenges of recording an orchestra remotely, and inspired by the pursuit of opportunity out of adversity.

Featuring Jonathan Harvey on bass, Marijus Aleksa on drums, alongside the Untold Orchestra, ZEAL EP sees the return of Laurance’s better known aesthetic, combining symphonic melody and texture alongside hard-hitting grooves, swirling synths, and his unmistakable and unique piano sound.