Bill Laurance



Once again seeking to expand his sonic pallet, 'Bloom' sees 5-time Grammy winning composer and pianist Bill Laurance return to his classical roots, utilising 18 string players from Manchester’s Untold Orchestra, to produce an album of grand scale and sound. Whilst 'Bloom' is a fitting sequel to Laurence’s 2022 album 'Affinity' (which was characterized by its exploration of the space between classical music and jazz) it considerably moves the goalposts in terms of scope and complexity.

The earliest idea for the record was to create something where the rhythmic component could be achieved without percussion, and after a period of experimenting with the dynamics of a string section to drive the pulse, Laurance got to work composing from his London studio base. Working with arranger Joshua Poole, 'Bloom' brings to mind shades of Italian Baroque, whilst conjuring evocations of Vivaldi, Shostakovich and Philip Glass.

Conceptually, Laurance says the record was largely inspired by his child’s capacity to imagine and create other worlds:

“Every decision we act upon can be traced back to our capacity to imagine, and the limits of what we can achieve is restricted only by our ability to dream, as such. My child’s ability to pull back the curtain of reality and create a fantasy world ignited possibilities within my own, and with 'Bloom' I seek to transport the listener to those places, inspired throughout by the power of the natural world and our ever-growing dependence on it.”

"Featuring numerous occurrences of his widely lauded improvisational skills, Laurance perfects the balance of straddling virtuosity without becoming self indulgent.”

— ACTMusic

His playing is not just about displaying technical mastery across the piano, but weaving those techniques into something engaging for even the most casual of instrumental music listeners. It respects the full instrumentation of his compositions, creating breathing space for all of the musicians to be heard and understood.

With an often vocal and narrative quality, 'Bloom' builds upon layers of recurrent melodies before commanding piano is sent to the forefront to transition, compliment, or accentuate. Combining his classical sensibilities with traditional jazz, latin rhythms, and powerful orchestral synchronicity, 'Bloom' runs the gamut of emotion and mood. Whether it’s the flowing dreamscapes, or the dramatic crescendos, listeners are taken exactly where they want to go, without veering off into the predictable.