Bill Laurance

Celebrate 6 months of Cables with enlightening details and a visual short

September 29, 2019

Bill Laurance’s fifth album, Cables, celebrates six months since its release on 29th September 2019. To mark the occasion, a sixty second visual has been released, providing further insight into the themes of the record. Bill has also revisited each composition and will highlight notable aspects of their composition and production in a series of social media posts.

Addressing album opener The Keeper, which hears Laurance recording with a Guzheng for the first time, he explains, ‘I've been trying to include the instrument on a track ever since I brought one back from a trip to China. I'd been there composing a piece to accompany a dance performance for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I found one in a shop and bought it straight away, bringing back as hand luggage. It's an amazing instrument because you can tune it to any scale you want and then play it like a guitar, with the option of bending notes with your free hand on the other side of the bridge, which gives it its distinctive sound. I'm always looking for ways to bring instruments from other parts of the world into my music. In fact, I don't feel like I've truly been to a new place in the world unless I come back with a musical instrument that originates from that place.’

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Watch the new visual below and buy Cables on CD and vinyl in the Bill Laurance shop. Stream the album in its entirety here.