Bill Laurance

Bill Laurance announces Cables Rewired EP with The Untold Orchestra

April 2, 2021

‘The Untold Orchestra super-charge Laurance’s cinematic themes.’

– Mike Flynn (Editor, Jazzwise Magazine)

Bill Laurance often thinks big. Whether it’s the expansive chords or his ability to write epic melodies that tap into the full range of human emotions – the four-time Grammy winning pianist and composer can paint vivid sonic pictures that cross genres and push boundaries in equal measure. Thus, his new collaboration with the Manchester-based Untold Orchestra provides a natural extension of this vision, as they inhabit every facet of two stirring pieces from his acclaimed electronica-tinged album, Cables.

Having begun in 2019, this ongoing collaborative project between Laurance and The Untold Orchestra includes live shows and releases, that while delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now sees the release of the Cables Rewired EP in May 2021, which includes two special orchestral arrangements of ‘Constance’ and ‘Cables’ from Laurance’s 2019 solo LP.

Laurance explains, “Performing with the Untold Orchestra is a special experience. Their unique chemistry and collective vision in pushing boundaries always lifts the music to new heights. Ultimately anything is possible with this ensemble!”

Bill Laurance & The Untold Orchestra are due to premier this material at this year’s London Jazz festival in the autumn of 2021.

Release Dates:
Cables Rewired (single) – Friday 30th April 2021
Cables Rewired EP – Friday 14th May 2021

Find the full tracklist below and watch the teaser for the first single from the EP, Cables Rewired.


1. Cables Rewired
2. Constance Rewired
3. Cables (Album Version)
4. Constance (Album Version)